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Innovation. Courage. Design.

Normal is not good enough for Herva. There is a continuous strive for innovation, quality improvement and refreshing design.

From this perspective, we have launched an entirely new concept: wallprints.be. A new branch at Herva which is all about self-adhesive photo wallpaper. Naturally, photo wallpaper has been around for quite some time, but what makes photo wallpaper so special is the fabric. Instead of using the classic wallpaper we use self-adhesive wallpaper fabric. No paper therefore but rather wallpaper made of polyester fabric with an adhesive layer.

Wallprints.be offers you a choice out of millions of pictures and images. The possibilities are therefore endless. Landscapes, beaches, cities such as New York and Paris, children’s bedroom drawings, etc. There are all included in our range.

Self-adhesive wallpaper fabric offers a number of advantages. Photo wallpaper from wallprints.be consists of tear- and crease-resistant, removable and self-adhesive polyester fabric.  The self-adhesive layer at the back makes hanging wallpaper mere child’s play. The structure of the fabric and the adhesive coating prevent air bubbles from occurring. The wallpaper fabric can easily be removed so that your picture is always correct, also when using multiple rolls.

We print in-house on high-quality fabric in order to achieve perfect results. Thanks to its expertise and experience accumulated over many years, wallprints.be is able to offer the best product at the lowest price.

Herva, a company with more than 40 years of experience…

In 1965 the Kempisch workhouse was the hub of textile, technology, advertising and publicity. Starting from scratch, Mr and Mrs Hermans were ready to face every challenge head on. The company built a strong reputation as specialised flag manufacturer and became a professional family business.

Even today Herva is still trying to achieve the same goal. Craftsmanship, quality, service and innovation are our main assets. Our experience accumulated over many years enables us to still deliver first-class artisan products!  The greatest asset of our success is the in-house production workshop in Olen. A place where creativity, passion, new technologies and craftsmanship are merged together into a unique mix. There, all Herva products are conceived, produced and finished. Herva also seeks innovation in optimising its machines and raw materials. This way you are sure you always get the best product at the best terms and conditions.

Simply because customer satisfaction knows no boundaries at Herva.

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